Making Friends

I am halfway through David Harvey’s Marx, Capital and The Madness of Economic Reason. It is really good. I don’t think I’ve encountered a better ‘advanced-introductory’ text, especially one that gives attention to all three volumes of Capital. He uses a motif of ‘valorization, realization, and distribution’ to explain the different books, and links that to class, race/gender, and factionalism respectfully. I think this is helpful, insofar that it is a text that wants to make friends with others, something I can certainly be better at doing. An added bonus is that periodically Harvey breaks from theory to explain/critique the successes and failures of recent left organizing, which helps support the case that Marx remains relevant.


Author: Scott Timcke

I’m a Lecturer in the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies at the University of the West Indies. I use Marxist methods to study social inequality, the digital mode of production, the causes and consequences of imperial violence in the early 21st Century.

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