Is the British Establishment Finally Finished?

Today, The Guardian published an excellent essay by Aeron Davis, adapted from his book, Reckless Opportunists (MUP, 2018). The main takeaway:

After interviewing and observing more than 350 people working in or close to the top during that time [20 years], my sense of this evolving long-term crisis has become clearer. I have come to believe that the establishment is no longer coherent or collective or competent. Its failings are not only causing larger schisms, inequalities and precariousness in Britain; they also threaten the very foundations of establishment rule itself.

Worth a read, go check it out.

In some respects this Davis’ observation parallel those made by Corey Robin in his assessment of the American Ruling Class. Robin points to their amateurish and preoccupation with whether they are widely perceived to be important, in part because they aren’t doing anything of actual consequence.

This perhaps raises the question of whether these ruling classes want to do anything of actual consequence.

More thoughts to come.